Welcome to Rent a Glove Box Lab where you may hire a ready-to-go laboratory equipped with a high performance inert gas glove box system.

Facilities are available in either our offices or located on your own premises in a 20ft ISO Container.

The Rent a Glove Box Lab is perfect for scientists with short term project requirements, capital funding difficulties or inadequate space to accommodate a full glove box system within their own laboratory.

These facilities are also ideal for start-ups with limited resources and delivers a specialist laboratory where entrepreneurs can develop their business plans and qualify scientific data.

In conclusion, Rent a Glove Box Lab offers flexible and cost effective laboratory facilities for advancing your scientific objectives and achieving your goals.


GBT Laboratory

Glove Box Technology Limited is located 16 miles north of Cambridge in the market town of St Ives where we offer a laboratory equipped with a glove box system, which may be rented on a daily or weekly basis, providing an economical and flexible facility to scientists and/or researchers.

The laboratory facility is also equipped with work benches, storage racks, a fridge and sink. Other equipment is available for hire such as an analytical balance, hot plate, oven, and/or glass & plastic apparatus.

The laboratory is serviced by experienced technicians and IT support can be provided.

Clients may wish to take advantage of our fee based scientific support services.


Rental fees begin from 192.00 + VAT per day. Click here for further details.


Container Laboratory

Ideal for customers who wish to avoid travelling and enjoy the convenience of a glove box facility at their own premises, we offer a 20ft ISO container converted into a laboratory.

For economic viability, this solution is more appropriate for longer term rental due to commissioning and administrative expenses.


Rental fees begin from 3000.00 + VAT per month, plus setup & termination costs. Click here for further details.


Please phone or email us if you have any questions or require further information.


For details of our custom glove box systems please visit www.glovebox.co.uk.


Glove Box Technology